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Holly Hughes-Barnes


What People Are Saying

Shannon Willowby

Holly consistently exceeded my expectations. I loved working with Holly and would recommend her for any writing project.

Jun 5, 2022
Evan Jensen

Holly is full of great ideas, writes engaging content, meets deadlines and makes my job a lot easier. 

Jun 5, 2022
Nell Roney

Holly is creative, resourceful, and a great problem solver–someone you can trust and believe in to help build your business.

Jun 5, 2022


Case Studies

One Asset. Three Big Wins.

The most effective case studies do more than position your product/service as the solution to your prospects' problems. 

They also make your featured customers look great and provide real value to your prospects. It's a delicate balance.

Get it right, and you can score three major wins. You can:

  1. Win new customers
  2. Delight featured clients
  3. Impress internal stakeholders

See how I can help you strike the right balance... Learn more

Thought Leadership Articles

Share Expertise to Earn Mindshare & Build an Audience

Thought leadership articles are a two-way street.

You share expertise from yourself, your brand, or other leaders in your company.

Your prospects gain insight into complex processes, discover emerging trends, and benefit from your original research and ideas.

As they learn, you build authority and earn mindshare.

And, if you collaborate with me, creating these articles will take up very li... Learn more

White Papers and Guides

Persuade with Facts Not Hype

A successful white paper or guide wins business with logical arguments or in-depth information, not hype. And these assets can bring in leads and sales for years to come.

But four things will tank tank them:             

  1. Being too "salesy"/not educational enough
  2. Having too few facts to back up claims
  3. Focusing more on you than the reader
  4. Being improperly planned

See my process for creating a winning white paper.     ... Learn more

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