Case Studies

Case Studies

One Asset. Three Big Wins.

The most effective case studies do more than position your product/service as the solution to your prospects' problems. 

They also make your featured customers look great and provide real value to your prospects. It's a delicate balance.

Get it right, and you can score three major wins. You can:

  1. Win new customers
  2. Delight featured clients
  3. Impress internal stakeholders

See how I can help you strike the right balance.

What you can expect when I write your case study:

1. A Writer Who Knows YOUR Stuff

Along with reviewing your style guides and S.O.P.s, I'll also take time to get to know the service or product you're featuring in the case study. I'll send you a questionnaire to help me fully understand your product/service. Then I'll dig into any existing collateral such as:​​

  • white papers
  • other case studies
  • data sheets
  • videos

So you get a case study that understands your offering and nails your voice — with fewer revision rounds and in less time.

2. A Project Manager

All you need to do is introduce me to your featured customer, and then:

  • I'll schedule a 30-45 minute interview with them
  • After the interview, I'll give you a recording and transcript 
  • I'll manage revisions for both you and your client
  • I'll keep things on schedule

So you'll have fewer balls to juggle and much less stress.

3. A Professional

You've worked hard to build relationships with your valued customers. I respect that. And I understand that my interaction with your customers will reflect back on you. You can be sure I'll make it a good reflection.

I will always be:

  • Courteous
  • Friendly
  • Respectful of your client's time
  • Professional in every interaction (via phone, video-chat or email)

So you'll be well represented, and your clients/customers will be glad they didn't pass up the opportunity to brag on you.

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