Thought Leadership Articles

Thought Leadership Articles

Share Expertise to Earn Mindshare & Build an Audience

Thought leadership articles are a two-way street.

You share expertise from yourself, your brand, or other leaders in your company.

Your prospects gain insight into complex processes, discover emerging trends, and benefit from your original research and ideas.

As they learn, you build authority and earn mindshare.

And, if you collaborate with me, creating these articles will take up very little of your time.

A Collaborative Process for Creating Powerful Thought Leadership Articles

Step 1 - Getting to Know the Thought Leader(s)

During the onboarding process, I will send over a questionnaire to find out more about your company and/or the individual thought leaders within it.

Step 2 - Ideation

Once I understand your thought leaders, I'll research where their expertise fits into the industry. I'll then provide a list of 3-5 topics tailored to your company's and its thought leaders.

Step 3 - Interview & Write

Once a topic is chosen, I will conduct a 30-45 minute interview with the voice of your company to unearth their wisdom on the subject. Then I'll create a thought leadership article in their voice and tone formatted to fit the desired end publication–whether that's the company blog, a trade pub, or a national magazine.*

The End Result

You'll be able to share a powerful thought-leadership article with only a small time investment.

*Please note: I do not provide pitching services

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